CSR - Corporate Social Responsibility

As a public sector company we are well aware of our social responsibilities and the wider role that we play in society. 

At the Austria Center Vienna sustainability is part of a holistic management approach which extends throughout the organisation, and focuses firmly on social and environmental aspects – in addition to our everyday business considerations.

An overview can be found in our compact Sustainability Report

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  • Profit: We have adopted a highly responsible and prudent approach to doing business, with a view to delivering sustainable success. Our forward-looking strategy shapes every aspect of our long-term development.
  • Planet: At the Austria Center Vienna sustainability begins at the procurement stage, which is why we are always looking for new ways to enhance energy efficiency, cut waste, add value at a local level and ensure that we conserve resources wherever possible. We have already taken a number of steps designed to make organising green meetings even easier for our customers. As official certification body we want to help our customers to make their events as eco-friendly as they can possibly be, as well as reducing their ecological impact.
  • People: We place particular emphasis on maintaining a scrupulously respectful and fair approach to all stakeholders and acknowledge the special contribution made by every single one of our employees – each of whom plays a significant part in our success.

Audit berufundfamilie

In 2015 IAKW-AG participated in the berufundfamilie work and family audit and was awarded family-friendly company status.


Our employees’ experience and knowledge is at the heart of our ability to consistently ensure that all of our events are a success for our customers. Thanks to a process initiated as a direct result of the audit, all employees at the Austria Center Vienna now have the opportunity to actively shape the measures designed to help them to balance their work and family commitments. When it came to drawing up the action plan, equal attention was paid to childcare requirements and the need to look after other family members.

Our approach to quality

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IAKW-AG is committed to delivering the highest level of service. Quality and quality management are essential components of our management approach.

The company is run according to clearly-defined objectives which lead towards our shared vision. Our people have a decisive role to playin bringing us closer to our goals. Each member of staff is encouraged to adopt a holistic and entrepreneurial mindset. After all, responsibility for quality assurance is a matter for each and every individual.

Continuous innovation, development and learning across the board are essential for a company’s long-term success. IAKW-AG is committed to developing long-term partnershipsand leveraging synergies with other public sector organisations. Representatives of all of our key stakeholders, such as customers, employees, suppliers, partners and the general public, have a stake in the company’s development and strategic direction.

Our overarching aim is to add value for visitors, society at large, the environment we operate in and the company itself.  

Top Performance based on Sustainability

As part of its focus on sustainability, IAKW-AG actively implements a wide range of measures that deliver clear ecological and commercial benefits. Awarded as Green Conference Center we are committed to reducing the environmental impact of our activities and minimising the ecological footprint of all of the events held at the Austria Center Vienna.

Selected measures

  1. Toilets are supplied with water from a natural well in a move to save precious drinking water
  2. The vast majority of the filament lamps throughout the centre have been replaced with energy-saving LEDs
  3. We have installed a 120-square-metre solar array which supplies thermal energy for the hot water circuits in the kitchens and toilets
  4. The boilers formerly used to supply warm water have been decommissioned
  5. Additional savings have also been achieved by lowering the temperature of warm water from approx. 60°C to around 55°C
  6. All the circulating pumps in the radiator circuit have been replaced with power-saving variable-speed pumps
  7. Radiator circuits are now only turned on when needed thanks to the introduction of centrally controlled valves
  8. The secondary transformer pumps for the air conditioning systems have been replaced by variable-speed pumps with frequency converters
  9. Special e-filling stations for owners of e-cars have been installed in the park decks

Green Meetings

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We realise that international conferences and meetings place considerable demands on the environment. In many cases events generate large amounts of waste, consume lots of electricity and create significant CO2 emissions as a result of travel to and from the venue.

With this in mind, the Austria Center Vienna is dedicated to showing organisers of international events just how simple it can be to stage a green meeting – and drawing attention to the significant savings that can be made in the process.  Green meetings are highly energy efficient, with a focus on keeping waste to an absolute minimum. Eco-friendly travel options and local added value also play a key role.

You want to make a statement at your next event? 
Have a look at >> Your roadmap to Green Meeting

More and more organisers who are committed to projecting a positive image among the local population, event participants and sponsors are approaching us to find out more about staging green meetings.

Further information can be found on the Federal Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, Environment and Water Management website. (German-only)