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In our customer portal you will find photos of our rooms, level plans and inputs for digital signage.
Customer portal

-The congress of progress: ECR 2024

Menschen gehen auf ein Gebaeude zu. Ein verglaster Eingang mit LED-Wand. Menschen auf einem Messegelaende, in Vortragsraeumen und Lounges. Ein Koch gibt Essen aus. Menschen erklaeren medizinische Geraete. Ein TV-Studio. Ein Saal voller Menschen und eine Buehnenshow.

accenture-Christmas party 2023

-We LIVE green meetings

unique led installation-The polySTAGE

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-Our Digital Vision

A male project manager on an event, talking to a client on the phone. A young woman enters the event, there are many participants.

Vienna Tourism-Meet us in the extraordinary

A woman rides up an escalator. Two men and a woman in front of a beautiful old building. Some people are sitting on the stage of an opera, while a woman is presenting something. A woman in a historical room on a riding ground with a white horse. A group is drinking coffee there. A group on a platform in a lake, a man will fall into the water. A man and a woman in a room full of green plants, another couple on a spinning carousel. A group at a table among vineyards in a field, a city is seen in the background.

The venue from above-Drone flyover

Shows clips of Austria Center Vienna from above from different perspectives.

ACV Beyond -Digital transformation

Introducing digital technologies for events, greening outdoor spaces, and the podcast "verstehe!"

Best of congress-The Future of Congress: ECR 2022

Scenes at ECR 2022, which showcases new event concepts. Branding areas, green outdoor areas, hybrid event settings and stage productions are shown.

Image film-We are Austria Center Vienna

Shows different scenes of events with people, catering, waiters and cooks, DJ's and speakers, and halls full of people.

With all senses-Spring festival at the Austria Center Vienna

Shows a room with plants and lights projections on the walls, catering, people and a presenter at an event.

Hybrid Events-Hybrid Events

The video shows a making-of of a video production, an audience at a presentation and a female presenter.

Hybrid Events-Hybrid Circle

Shows different scenes during a panel discussion with many people, screens, cameras and a moderator.

Digital Gadgets-Light Wallpaper

Shows digital projections on the walls during an event and different event settings.

Celebrate in style-X-Mas Event

Shows visitors coming to a Christmas party. Decorated hall, catering, decorations and many people can be seen.

Celebrate in style-X-Mas Event

Shows visitors coming to a Christmas party. Decorated hall, catering, decorations and many people can be seen.

Our hygiene concept-Safe meetings

Video demonstrating hygiene concepts during events.

Time to play-Spielefest 2019

Shows lots of people at a board game fair, presenters, catering and people dressed up.
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