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-More than just a congress centre

Internationales Amtssitz- und Konferenzzentrum Wien, Aktiengesellschaft (IAKW-AG) is responsible for managing and maintaining the Vienna International Centre (VIC) and operating the Austria Center Vienna. A combination not seen anywhere else in the world. IAKW-AG and the Austria Center Vienna are headed by Susanne Baumann-Söllner and Michael Rotter.

Vienna International Centre -UN headquarters in the heart of Europe

In 1971, IAKW-AG was entrusted with the planning, construction, maintenance, management and financing of the VIC. It is owned by the Republic of Austria. Following the transfer of the building to the United Nations in 1979, IAKW-AG retained responsibility for management, maintenance and utility services for the VIC, which comprises eight buildings with a combined floor space of 325,000m².

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Austria Center Vienna-Austria’s largest congress centre

The Austria Center Vienna took 4 years to build. Opened in 1987, it has been Austria's largest conference centre ever since. With 21 halls, 134 meeting rooms, 26,000m² of exhibition/ networking space, a capacity of up to 22,800, it's among the top destinations on the international conference circuit. It is the only conference centre in the world that is located right next door to a UN headquarter.

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Firmly embedded in our company-Sustainability

We provide free green event certification and take our social and environmental responsibilities seriously. We do this through regional catering, modernization of our house and the promotion of our employees.

Our sustainable measures
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-Team spirit in action

We work together as a team to ensure your event is a success. Find out more about the Austria Center Vienna team!

Who we are
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Press-For experts and anyone with an interest in events

Delivering transparent communications for all of our stakeholders across all channels is important to us. Which is why we want to keep everyone up-to-date by sharing corporate and scientific news.

Press area
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-The polySTAGE

With 310m2 of high-resolution LED screens, the polySTAGE is Europe’s largest kinetic LED installation. 52 individually controllable LED panels, as well as three additional large LED displays in the entrance hall allow you to create a huge range of custom immersive settings. Whether it’s a registration area, exhibition or stage, any setting can be completely transformed within a very short time.

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Die Eingangshalle des Austria Center Vienna mit gruen beleuchteter polySTAGE LED-Installation.

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