Austria Center Vienna goes triple platinum at Eventex Awards thanks to polySTAGE

May 16, 2024
Welcome Area im Austria Center Vienna mit direkter Sicht auf die polySTAGE beim Europäischen Radiologiekongress, Manzano Images

The polySTAGE picked up three platinum awards – the highest possible status – for Best Event Technology, Event Technology Innovation, and Immersive Technology. A number of interactive additions to the polySTAGE will be unveiled to the public for the first time at the Austrian Tourism Day on 22 May.

“I am very proud that our new polySTAGE has just scooped three awards at the international Eventex Awards so soon after being honoured at the German Stevie Awards. It goes to show that we have created a genuine innovation for emotional events through our very own kinetic world first. These successes are spurring us on to take the polySTAGE to the next level and make it even more interactive,” confirmed Susanne Baumann-Söllner, Managing Director of the Austria Center Vienna. “Developed in partnership with Viennese company Media Apparat, the system – which is a world first– has gone down extremely well with our customers and participants. Our corporate customers are especially excited because the polySTAGE puts an innovative tool at their disposal which communicates their brand messages particularly effectively. The fact that this innovation is so highly regarded on the international stage means a great deal to me personally,” she added.

Jury impressed across the board

The international jury was clearly impressed: “The polySTAGE is an excellent concept for a venue to offer state-of-the-art tech to transform not just the content canvas but also the visual infrastructure. The dynamic screens provide endless configurations for returning visitors to experience something different each time, from the journey to the content and storytelling,” said entrepreneur, technology specialist and jury member Sujoy Cherian. Juror Ingar Hagen continued in the same vein, praising the project’s outstanding implementation as well as the impressive possibilities that the polySTAGE opens up. Another jury member, Michaela Jeffery-Morrison, CEO and co-founder of Ascend Global Media, was particularly impressed by how well the idea was executed: “It shows just how important it is to keep improving events and what you provide customers with.” Their colleague on the panel, Tahira Endean, who is Head of Program at the IMEX Group, shared how impressed she was with just how well the polySTAGE succeeded in putting the needs of customers and participants first, and using this people-first approach to stage an epic experience.

Inspiration to take things further

The outstanding feedback from the jurors and the overwhelmingly positive reception among customers and participants alike have inspired the team at the Austria Center Vienna to carry on developing the polySTAGE with a view to adding even more usage options. With the support of Vienna-based company Flave, a number of new interactive possibilities have been developed for the polySTAGE, which will be revealed to the public for the first time at the Austrian Tourism Day on 22 May. Also making its debut at the event, an AI avatar developed by Media Apparat will act as co-host, while an interactive game show will also be premiered.

About the polySTAGE

In September 2023, the Austria Center Vienna launched the polySTAGE, which is the first kinetic innovation of its kind in the world. The name polySTAGE, which is a portmanteau of the ancient Greek word poly (many) and stage, expresses the multitude of staging possibilities opened up by the new system. Comprising a total surface area of 360m2 – including 174m2 of movable LED modules – it is located in the entrance hall, right in the heart of the Austria Center Vienna. The LED panels can be rotated, raised and lowered independently from one another. With each programmed to display custom content, the entire setting can change completely in an instant, which ushers in a virtually unlimited range of possible applications. The polySTAGE can seamlessly transform into a stage for live performances or create private backdrops for product presentations at the press of a button. “The immersive experience is a new USP for the Austria Center Vienna, reflects our digital focus and makes the space more versatile,” Baumann-Söllner concluded.

About the Eventex Awards

The Eventex Awards were founded in 2009 as a way to recognise examples of outstanding creativity, innovation and effectiveness in the event industry. Today, they are among the world’s most prestigious international event and experience marketing awards. This year’s Eventex Awards received 1,207 submissions from 62 countries on six continents.


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