Scientific news

August 31, 2022Bladder weakness in men a major taboo – but effective solutions are available

Inkontinenz beim Mann

June 29, 2022Interventional radiology: beating breast cancer with cold therapy

June 20, 2022Combating dementia and Alzheimer’s through prevention and new medications

May 31, 2022More than 87,000 people in Austria living with autism: How modern genetic research is aiming to improve treatment in future

May 18, 2022Frost and weather extremes in Europe: direct consequence of rising temperatures in polar regions

March 24, 2022Austria Center Vienna behind first scientific podcast by a congress centre

March 23, 2022European hospital pharmacists congress in Vienna: working with doctors and patients to optimise provision of medication

November 12, 2021Co- and self-determination: congress staged for and by people with learning difficulties for the first time

Foto: Jugend am Werk Personen mit Flyer

October 4, 2021From produce bags to animal feed: biotech has potential to supercharge climate protection

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