Foto: Saal ABC

Hall ABC (A+B+C)

The largest event hall in Vienna.

  • Icon: AwardLargest room in the main building
  • Icon: StageStage measuring over 200m²
  • Icon: SoundIncl. sound equipment
  • Icon: PartyIdeal for large-scale galas

The combination of Hall A, Hall B and Hall C creates Vienna’s largest event hall for your guests. Add new dimensions with our inspirational concepts for events, attracting large numbers of visitors.


    Foto: Saal A Event

    Hall ABC capacity

    It doesn’t get more roomy than this! Meeting, dancing and dining for up to 4,320 people.

    • Theater
      4,320 People
    • Classroom
      1,890 People
    • Banquet
      2,000 People
    • Cocktail
      4,320 People
    Room plans

    A winning combination for bringing great things to life

    At 4,312 m², Hall ABC is Vienna’s largest event hall, and can host up to 4,320 guests. This unique space comprises Hall A, Hall B and Hall C whose moveable partition walls deliver maximum flexibility for your participants. Its integrated stage measures 200m², making it the ideal choice for performances of all descriptions, also thanks to its unique architecture which includes a dome towering 15 metres above ground. Raked seating ensures ideal views from every seat. The hall is equipped with WiFi, air conditioning, interpreting booths, standard stage, lectern and a Meyer sound system. With a pair of freight lifts directly connected to the hall, managing deliveries couldn’t be simpler. The hall is ideal for large-scale events, galas, conferences, congresses, exhibitions and corporates.

    • Area
      4,312 m²
    • Room height
      15 m

    New dimensions of branding

    Use digital branding to inspire your attendees and tell a consistent story. Citylights on the promand lead your visitors to the event. A large outdoor LED wall is available above entrance 1. In the entrance hall, 310 m2 of LED surfaces ensure a lasting wow effect. Around 200 screens in the building guarantee optimal guidance in your event CI. Create a branding world that makes your event a real eye-catcher.

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