Level 1

Space for exhibitions, meetings and offices with view of the Donau City skyline.

Foto: Austria Center Vienna Level 1

Level 1-Try out new meeting formats

The spaces on Level 1 can be arranged according to your precise specifications: light offices, a spacious gallery, modern meeting areas and light-filled halls with only short distances between them – and some impressive views of the Donau City skyline. Via the Panorama Walk you reach the opposite hall X4. Level plan


Barrier-free access via lifts from the Entrance Hall and all other levels. Direct access to the gallery from the Entrance Hall via the escalator.


Darstellung Austria Center Vienna Ebene 1


Map Level 1

Photo: Main building Gallery on Level 1 with exhibition booth
Photo: Main building ECR congress on Level 1
Photo: Main building Hall N parliamentary style seating
Foto: lichtdurchflutetes Foyer mit Hochtischen, Blumenschmuck
Photo: Main building Level 1 classroom seating
Photo: Meeting room Level 1 U-shaped seating

Rooms Level 1-Our spaces: your playground

Halls, meeting rooms, foyers, and the Gallery await.

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-Digital Branding

We offer the largest kinetic LED video installation in the world. Large-scale digital branding surfaces in the entrance hall provide the WOW effect at your event. Tell impressive stories on 310 m2 of LED surfaces. You can also amaze your visitors with our outdoor city lights and other media surfaces.

Best of Branding
Foto: Eingangshalle LED-Halls grün Austria Center Vienna

Our house

  • Level3

    Your Networking Area - our new state-of -the-art networking area has it all.

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  • Level2

    Your plenum for the superlative level – our largest rooms are situated here.

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  • Level1

    Try out new meeting formats - Rooms for exhibitions, meetings and offices overlooking the Danube City Skyline.

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