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Hall X4

Flexibility for exhibitions and large events.

  • Icon: Fixed settingEvent space of 2,640m²
  • Icon: VariableUp to 16,000 m² of exhibition space
  • Icon: CommunicationIdeal for exhibitions and catering
  • Icon: EntranceDirect access with a separate entrance

Hall X4 can be easily combined with other spaces, making it suitable for a wide range of uses. Thanks to our spacious halls, we can cast your bespoke event concept in the perfect light.


    Hall X4 capacity

    Space for up to 2,000 participants. If you want more, extend – all the way up to 16,000m².

    • Cocktail
      2,000 People

    Bespoke solutions for your event format

    Hall X4 has a footprint of 2,640m² and a building height of 6.5m. Located on Level 0, it offers direct, step-free access at ground level. Hall X4 can be combined with Hall X3 below. Our event halls enable you to create unique experiences that live on in the memory for a long time to come. Putting a state-of-the-art event space for a wide variety of event formats at your disposal: from fairs, trade shows and exhibitions to Christmas parties and large-scale gatherings, we offer custom solutions that will cast your event in the best possible light.

    • Area
      2,640 m²
    • Room height
      7 m
    • Construction height
      6.5 m

    Virtual tour through Hall X4

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