You call the tune at our venue

You will always strike the right note with our new Meyer sound system.

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-State-of-the-art audio for your event

From cutting-edge Meyer Sound speakers in the main halls to state-of-the-art wireless mics – our premium equipment ensures you’ll strike the right note at your event. We’ll make sure that communications at your congress or event are always crystal clear.

Photo: Services sound engineering microphone

-It's not what you say, but how it comes across.

  • For a pitch-perfect performance
  • New, innovative sound equipment

  • High-end speaker units
  • Mixing consoles
  • 3 cabled microphones

  • Lectern with sound equipment, PA system packages
  • Flexible, low-cost individual sound solutions for all meeting rooms

Sound in the halls: Flexible event spaces with DiGiCo digital mixing consoles

  • Monitors, bass, nearfill
  • Simultaneous use of more than 90 wireless microphones in the venue

Responsible for setting the right tone:

Foto: Leitung Veranstaltungstechnik Karsten Elsner

Karsten Elsner

Event Technology Strategist

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Mon—Fr 9am—3pm (MEZ)

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