Cast in the perfect light

Spotlight on concentration and motivation levels.

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-One of the most advanced lighting systems in Europe

Getting the lighting right can have a significant influence on concentration levels and help participants engage. One of the most technologically advanced lighting systems in Europe has been installed in Hall A. We will also present your event highlights in the perfect light in the other halls too! Thanks to mobile spots we deliver maximal flexibility when it comes to showcasing your event.

-Innovative lighting concepts

Whether you are looking to create lighting moods with colour, white light accents or dynamic washes, we offer custom solutions at the technological cutting edge.

Photo: Lighting equipment services

Lighting-We’ll stage your event to perfection.

3-stage basic lighting in 13 halls, fully dimmable lighting in halls A, B, C

  • Maximum colour range thanks to LED technology
  • Innovative, high-performance swivel spotlights
  • Shutter blades with gobo wheels and colour mixing options

Atmospheric & classical show lighting with the digital console from MA Lighting

Architectural, dome and effect lighting in halls A, B and C

Permanently installed lighting truss in Hall A above stage area

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