The formula for hygiene is as simple as it is ingenious

Safe meetings at the Austria Center Vienna with Covid-19 prevention.

Bild: Hygienekonzept für Veranstaltungen im Austria Center Vienna
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Current Covid-19 regulations-Covid.19 regulations for events

Which regulations do you have to comply for your event? The current legal regulations for event planning at a glance.

The latest Covid-19 regulations
Foto: WU Vorlesung mit Mindestabstand im Austria Center Vienna

Across the board-Exemplary hygiene standards

Mechanical ventilation systems for halls, ancillary areas and foyers will deliver a steady supply of fresh air, with up to five times the normal number of air changes per hour. In addition to providing single use paper towels, soap and hand sanitizer in all WC facilities, we will also be stepping up our cleaning rounds.

Foto: Hände desinfizieren bei Events im Austria Center Vienna

From the moment of arrival-Managing visitor flows

Safe and coordinated management of visitor flows begins as soon as participants enter the venue. Depending on the event, we will be opening up two additional side entrances in addition to the main point of entry to avoid large gatherings of people. With the support of our employees and the newly-installed signage system, you are guaranteed to find the quickest route to registration or to your room

Bild: Aufzug im Austria Center Vienna

without any queuing-First rate catering

Working in close partnership with our catering partner Motto Catering, food and drinks will be served at participants’ seats. Alternatively, drinks and lunch packages will be waiting for them on arrival. For smaller buffets, instead of self-service, participants will be served individually. Our services are adapted to the current government regulations.

Foto: Motto Catering Mitarbeiter stellt Essen auf ein Tablet im Austria Center Vienna

Hygiene standards-Let's implement the hygiene concept together

21 halls and 134 Meeting rooms - 26,000 m² total space

First rate catering – without any queuing

5 times of air changes per hour

Exemplary hygiene standards

Outstanding medical support

Managed visitor flows


Safety-Rapid tests improve the safety of events

Rapid tests are indeed practicable in real-world conditions and represent a meaningful addition to existing hygiene and safety measures. Conducting the test took an average of six to ten minutes from swabbing to receiving the test result – significantly less than the 15 minutes originally planned in.

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