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-Congress and meeting

Each year we host the European Congress of Radiology (ECR) which attracts up to 25,000 participants. Our venue is the location of choice for large-scale international congresses

Our venue-Maximum flexibility and the perfect spaces for your congress

The Austria Center Vienna has 21 halls, 134 meeting rooms and more than 26,000m² of exhibition space. The combination of large lecture halls for up to 4,320 people and numerous meeting rooms is unmatched in Europe. Our venue is the ideal choice for new meeting formats. In total, we can accommodate more than 22,800 people.

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Conference infrastructure-Vienna has a lot to offer

Vienna’s meetings infrastructure speaks for itself – 428 hotels with 34,337 rooms and an additional 150-plus out-of-the-ordinary locations for side events. We also have 2,000 green and outdoor leisure zones, including the Donaupark and Danube Island right next to the venue, where participants can unwind during breaks in their meeting schedules.

Vienna at a glance
Photo: Event concept congress aerial photo Danube Island and Vienna’s Donauplatte development

Security-Experience outstanding quality of life

Vienna is one of the safest cities in the world and offers outstanding quality of life. One of the four UN headquarters is located right next door to the Austria Center Vienna.

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Location-Vienna: in the heart of Europe

Vienna can be reached in max. three hours from anywhere in Europe More than 600 direct flights bring congress participants to Vienna from more than 200 cities. The direct Vienna Airport Bus service takes just 30 minutes to reach the Austria Center Vienna.

Arriving at the Austria Center Vienna
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-The polySTAGE

The polySTAGE

With 310m2 of high-resolution LED screens, the polySTAGE is Europe’s largest kinetic LED installation. 52 individually controllable LED panels, as well as three additional large LED displays in the entrance hall allow you to create a huge range of custom immersive settings. Whether it’s a registration area, exhibition or stage, any setting can be completely transformed within a very short time.

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Best Practice Events -Events that go one step further

Experience how you can set new standards with clever event concepts using the best practice example of the European Congress of Radiology (ECR). A foretaste of tomorrow's large-scale events: digital, sustainable, and with a focus on maximising the experience for participants.

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World's best WLAN-For 35,000 simultaneous connections

Winner of the 2016 INCON Global Digital Infrastructure Award. A seamless, high-availability WLAN for 20,000 users or 35,000 simultaneous connections from multiple devices gives event organisers access to a truly unique IT infrastructure package. The system’s fast download speeds just add to the appeal. Simply log in, start networking or get to work as if you were at home.

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Congress-Working together to stage your congress

Easy to reach - more than 600 direct flights to Vienna

Vienna is one of the safest cities in the world.

Hotels, venues for side events, green spaces and cultural attractions – Vienna

21 halls and 134 meeting rooms – an unbeatable combination

Award-winning digital infrastructure: WLAN for 35,000 simultaneous connections

Send out a message -The future is green

From large-scale conferences with 22,800 participants to gala events: certification in accordance with the Austrian Ecolabel is a clear statement that you are taking economic, social and environmental responsibility for your event. As Austria’s first green conference centre we can certify your event - it‘s easy, simply and it won’t cost you a penny!

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Safety-Exemplary hygiene standards

To ensure that everything proceeds safely, we have put together a comprehensive, detailed plan which fully complies with the latest regulations from the Austrian Ministry of Health and the recommendations issued by the WHO.

Covid-19 prevention
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