Event gamification: How to bring your event to life with games

How event gamification catches the imagination while making your event a success.

Ein Mann und eine Frau sitzend mit VR-Brillen
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Looking for ideas on how to engage efficiently with participants and reach them on a deeper emotional level at your next event? Gamification formats hold the promise of maximum attention in a business context while delivering the kind of entertaining user-generated content that leaves people coming back for more. This is how you can bring your event to life through interactive games.

-Business speed dating with the polySTAGE

At the ICCA Client Supplier European Venue Workshops 2024, participants engage in discussions at a table in a speed dating format. The polySTAGE is at the center of the event. Tables, branded according to congress locations, are arranged in a circle around the LED panels, creating a pleasant atmosphere for mutual exchange.

Check out the use case
Paarweise sitzen Menschen an Tischen im Austria Center Vienna neben der polySTAGE am ICCA Client Supplier European Venue Workshop 2024

-Tourism fair with quiz and AI conversation

A mobile quiz integrates the participants into the panel discussion at the Austrian Tourism Day. Also, guests can engage in dialogue with the AI co-host Kiara in the networking zones. "Kiara, how would you travel in the year 2050?" – when else can you chat with a 'real-life' AI?

All about the event
Redner auf einer Buehne der polySTAGE im Austria Center Vienna, waehrend einer Gameshow.

-Game areas at congresses

The pool table in the entrance hall at the Congress of the European Society of Nuclear Medicine helped create a relaxed atmosphere while giving participants the perfect networking opportunity. Who’s good at football? The European Congress of Radiology created fun chill-out areas for visitors to relax and unwind in. A great way to promote interaction while strengthening community loyalty.

Medical congress focuses on the experience factor
Zwei Frauen und zwei Maenner spielen Tischfussball, im Hintergrund stehen Maenner an Spieleautomaten.

-E-sports and Austrian Games Festival

The A1 Austrian eSports Festival and the annual Austrian Game Festival are definitely top-tier when it comes to gamification. Both events set aside entire areas for gaming and entertainment for participants of all ages, helping to keep visitor more engaged and motivated.

Dive into the eSports Festival
Zwei junge Maenner in einem rot beleuchteten Wohnzimmer vor einem PC.

-Christmas party with slot car fun

Are you planning a Christmas party with a photo box to entertain guests, but looking for that all-important something extra? How about a slot car racing track where participants can go head-to-head? Common interests bring us closer together.

Enhance your Christmas party with gamification
Eine Gruppe junger Maenner stehen mit Joysticks an einer Carrera-Autobahn und fahren ein Rennen.

-The power of event gamification

Gamification encourages your visitors to engage with your event at a different level. Namely by activating the brain’s reward system. Knowledge transfer driven by gamification also has the capacity to deliver a higher quality of experience. The outcome: the event lives on in the memory for longer.

Zwei laechelnde Frauen, vor und hinter ihnen stehen andere Menschen.
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