Accenture celebrates in the digital winter wonderland

Christmas party transformed into an immersive Xmas experience

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Foto: weihnachtlich beleuchtete LED- Paneele in einer Halle mit vielen Menschen
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There’s much more to a successful Christmas party than just a location with decorations, nice food and a band. Aesthetics play a big role too. The polySTAGE is the centrepiece of an entertaining and surprising concept that casts a spell on visitors. And transforms our entrance hall into a Christmas hotspot brimming with surprises.



We´ve received nothing but fantastic feedback from so many of our colleagues – fantastic organisation from food and the party itself. A really wonderfully- designed location, with the polySTAGE as a special highlight. A successful celebration all round. Many thanks for the hospitality and outstanding organisation.


Dual-impact winter wonderland-Winter wonderland sets the stage for Christmas

Partygoers were greeted by a magical snowy scene in the entrance hall to get the evening started on the right note. The Christmas village shown here also served as the backdrop for the photo box. As the event progressed, the winter landscape slowly changed from day to night. A countdown leading to the grand unveiling of the bar and stage set the scene for the CEO's speech.

Party stage-Elegant gold and red gala scheme

The polySTAGE provided a red and gold gala backdrop for the band to shine against. A dynamic stage was created using lighting technology featuring moving lights and changing designs. A DJ provided party vibes late into the night. Outdoor Christmas lighting, decorated Christmas trees, backlit City Lights posters and dynamic signage screens showing the way to the event added the final touches.

Foto: Band auf einer Buehne mit LED Projektionen vor einer Menschenmenge

-The polySTAGE

The polySTAGE

With 310m2 of high-resolution LED screens, the polySTAGE is Europe’s largest kinetic LED installation. 52 individually controllable LED panels, as well as three additional large LED displays in the entrance hall allow you to create a huge range of custom immersive settings. Whether it’s a registration area, exhibition or stage, any setting can be completely transformed within a very short time.

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