Terrace K

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  • Icon: Größer und kleinerSuitable for a wide range of uses
  • Icon: NetzwerkenIdeal for networking
  • Icon: Quadrat Partly covered
  • Icon: RollstuhlfahrerFully wheelchair accessible

Expand your event with another outdoor area. Terrace K can be used separately or in combination with Hall K and Foyer K.

  • Perfect for: Catering, Networking, Outdoor Event
  • Available rooms: 1
  • Levels: -2
  • Combinable with:


    Foto: Sitzplaetze auf einem gruenem Teppich bei einem Gebaeude mit Saeulen, Blumentoepfe.

    Terrace K capacity

    A space for up to 280 guests to network, eat, drink or simply relax.

    • Cocktail
      280 People

    Islands of green

    Terrace K has 300 m² and can be used separately or together with Hall K and Foyer K. The terrace is the perfect place for your next break or for networking. A highlight is the partial roofing with a height of 4.30 meters, which serves as sun protection on sunny days. The load capacity of 500 kg per square meter means that our terrace can also be used for other event formats - such as product presentations. There are no limits for your creativity.

    • Area
      300 m²
    • Room height
      4.3 m

    Event settings for Terrace K

    New dimensions of branding

    Use digital branding to inspire your attendees and tell a consistent story. Citylights on the promand lead your visitors to the event. A large outdoor LED wall is available above entrance 1. In the entrance hall, 310 m2 of LED surfaces ensure a lasting wow effect. Around 200 screens in the building guarantee optimal guidance in your event CI. Create a branding world that makes your event a real eye-catcher.

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