Love spreads happiness, so does free WiFi

Make use of our world-class WiFi system.

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-Digital infrastructure unrivalled on the global stage

A seamless, high-availability WLAN for 35,000 simultaneous connections from multiple devices gives event organisers access to a truly unique IT infrastructure package. 2,000 permanently cabled LAN connections complete our service. The system’s fast download speeds just add to the appeal. Simply log in, start networking or get to work as if you were at home.

-Incredible 40 Gbit/s bandwidth

Bandwidth is set at 100 Mbit/s as standard, with the option to increase speed to 40 Gbit/s at any time. The IT infrastructure is complemented by 2,000 permanently cabled LAN connections dotted throughout the building. These are particularly in demand for offices at large-scale congresses and in smaller meeting rooms.

WIFI & IT-Highly available WLAN and LAN

  • FREE 100 Mbit/s WLAN for your event and faster download rate
  • maximum available bandwidth of 40 Gbit/s
  • Seamless WiFi infrastructure for 35,000 simultaneous connections from multiple devices
  • 157 HD Accesspoints
  • 204 individually programmable WLANs (SSIDs) for: live votes etc, password encryption possible
  • 2,000 physical LAN connection points throughout the building, different bandwidths possible for separate user groups

  • More than 100 full-HD screens and projectors throughout the building
  • Optimal navigation thanks to digital and branded signage system
  • Enhanced exposure for sponsors and
    exhibitors through logos, graphics and videos
  • Integration of a social media wall and live streaming of talks
  • Agenda screens in combination with slide centre solutions available

  • Outstanding network structure for hybrid meetings
  • Fibre optic cables in key event halls for HD transmission of talks and other content
  • Innovative presentation tools for digital posters (PICO, EPOS formats)

  • Live TV broadcasts
  • Branded IT solutions
  • Landing page, SSID, talk time limits

  • Our first completely paper-free congress was held in 2013
  • 3,500 participants took part in the event which ran on 2,500 iPads

Our IT experts

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