Love spreads happiness, so does free WiFi

Make use of our world-class WiFi system.

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-Digital infrastructure unrivalled on the global stage

Winner of the 2016 INCON Global Digital Infrastructure Award. A seamless, high-availability WLAN for 20,000 users or 35,000 simultaneous connections from multiple devices gives event organisers access to a truly unique IT infrastructure package. The system’s fast download speeds just add to the appeal. Simply log in, start networking or get to work as if you were at home.

-No one else comes close – incredible 20 GB bandwidth

Bandwidth is set at 1 GB/s as standard, with the option to increase speed to 20 GB/s at any time. The IT infrastructure is complemented by 1,500 permanently cabled LAN connections dotted throughout the building. These are particularly in demand for offices at large-scale congresses and in smaller meeting rooms.

WIFI & IT-Highly available WLAN and LAN

  • FREE 100 Mbit WLAN for your event and faster download rate (1.5 Mbit per device)
  • Seamless WiFi infrastructure for 20,000 people/35,000 simultaneous connections from multiple devices
  • 204 individually programmable WLANs (SSIDs) for: live votes etc, password encryption possible
  • 1,500 physical LAN connection points throughout the building, different bandwidths possible for separate user groups

  • More than 100 full-HD screens and projectors throughout the building
  • Optimal navigation thanks to digital and branded signage system
  • Enhanced exposure for sponsors and
    exhibitors through logos, graphics and videos
  • Integration of a social media wall and live streaming of talks
  • Agenda screens in combination with slide centre solutions available

  • Outstanding network structure for hybrid meetings
  • Fibre optic cables in key event halls for HD transmission of talks and other content
  • Innovative presentation tools for digital posters (PICO, EPOS formats)

  • Live TV broadcasts
  • Branded IT solutions
  • Landing page, SSID, talk time limits

  • Our first completely paper-free congress was held in 2013
  • 3,500 participants took part in the event which ran on 2,500 iPads

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