Vienna – Europe’s night train capital

Soaring demand for rail transport in the EU

Roter OEBB Zug faehrt durch Landschaft, im Hintergrund ein See und Wald.
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More and more travellers are choosing rail travel for their business and leisure travel needs. Night trains are an eco-friendly, convenient and quick way to travel around Europe. In total, Vienna offers direct train connections to 16 major European cities.

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Thanks to its central location in the heart of Europe, Vienna can be reached in under eight hours by rail from a quarter of all the capital cities in the EU. With a large number of direct connections to choose from, it couldn’t be easier for travellers to opt for rail travel instead of driving or flying. In all, travellers can choose from direct services from Vienna to 16 major cities all over Europe without having to change trains.

And it is not only the leisure travel segment that is growing rapidly: the proportion of business trips taken by rail has also risen in comparison with air travel. Austrian Federal Railways (ÖBB) is responding to the boom in demand for rail travel by introducing 33 new Nightjet trains between now and 2026.

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Switching to rail has a major role to play in reducing CO2 emissions accounted for by business trips – a segment that makes up 15-20% of global air traffic. In some cases, making the same journey by train as opposed to plane can cut carbon emissions by up to 97%. As a result, more and more companies are starting to stipulate the use of rail travel in their guidelines for business trips.

Another of the advantages of sustainable mobility: there are no weight limits on luggage and additional items of baggage can also be taken on board at no extra charge.

Is sustainable travel something that matters to you as an organiser? Then you will be pleased to know that the ÖBB Congress Account adds yet another climate-friendly travel option for your even while also offering special rates on ÖBB Nightjet services.

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