Artificial intelligence as a congress experience at ECR

ECR 2024 shaped by AI

Foto: Roboterkopf auf einem LED Screen und vielen Menschen
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This year's Radiology Congress not only focused on AI when it came to content. Co-hosted by robot Ameca and featuring plenty of other surprising highlights, the ECR set a new benchmark for the congress experience of tomorrow for its 19,000 visitors.

-ECR Film 2024

Menschen gehen auf ein Gebaeude zu. Ein verglaster Eingang mit LED-Wand. Menschen auf einem Messegelaende, in Vortragsraeumen und Lounges. Ein Koch gibt Essen aus. Menschen erklaeren medizinische Geraete. Ein TV-Studio. Ein Saal voller Menschen und eine Buehnenshow.

Hall A opening show-Opening Ceremony with S.H.O.C.K

A capacity crowd in Hall A, and a supposed technical failure. Or was it part of the show after all? Robot Ameca took to the stage to welcome the participants. Together with Congress President Carlo Catalano, the instantly-likeable robot hosted the evening’s proceedings. Zucaroh, Austrian acrobatics & dance show group (2018 America's Got Talent Golden Buzzer Winners), delivered a jaw-dropping show.

Foto: Roboter, der einen Arm ausstreckt. Im Hintergrund orange Beleuchtung

Slider Opening Show

Surprising video installation -A real eye-catcher in Hall X5

The outside wall of Hall X5 – opposite Entrance 1 – featured a giant robot head. With moving eyes that looked like they were watching participants, it turned out to be a popular selfie spot. Meanwhile, compelling content was cast in the starring role in the AI Theatre, which served as a hub for machine learning and big data in Hall X1.

Foto: Roboterkopf blickt auf Menschen herunter

X5 Slider

Green Meeting-Sustainable organisation

ECR 2024 was certified as a Green Meeting in accordance with the Austrian Umweltzeichen ecolabel. From regional catering to event technology, and from LED lighting and green electricity in our building, right through to procurement, material and waste management, this event had all the sustainability angles covered.

Foto einer weissen medizinischen Maschine mit Menschen im Hintergrund

-AI supporting radiology

From diagnosis to data analysis, prediction of bone fractures or lung cancer. This year's programme focused on interoperability and semantic standards for artificial intelligence in clinical workflows.

Foto: Roboterkopf auf einer dunklen Leinwand
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