An interactive journey into the future of tourism

A look at tomorrow’s tourism industry

Eine Geigerin steht auf der Buehne der polySTAGE vor Publikum
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"Roadmap to the future – let's shape tourism together" was the tagline for the 2024 Austrian Tourism Day. Interactive sessions featuring inspiring start-ups offered insights into the tourism industry of tomorrow. Compelling keynotes, including a talk from Stefan Sagmeister, took the 700 attendees on a spellbinding journey into the future.

-Next stop: the future

The day got under way with a countdown and an emotional unveiling by a violinist on the polySTAGE. With the overarching thematic journey built around a subway ride into the future, guests were spirited to their destination, taking in musical performances, fascinating keynotes and even a game show along the way. An AI-generated co-moderator by the name of Kiara ensured everything ran smoothly.

Eine Geigerin spielt auf einer Buehne, hinter ihr rot-schwarze abstrakte Formen auf der polySTAGE LED Installation

-Ask Kiara

After being called on to participate in a cell phone quiz, the rest of the day became increasingly more interactive for visitors as it went on. The entrance hall was transformed into a networking zone, where guests also had the opportunity to engage AI co-host Kiara in conversation. "Kiara, how would you travel in the year 2050?" – when else can you chat with a 'real-life' AI?

Redner auf einer Buehne der polySTAGE im Austria Center Vienna, waehrend einer Gameshow.

-Focus on change

None other than Stefan Sagmeister inspired the guests with his keynotes. The New York designer and Grammy award-winner touched on a whole host of topics including happiness, beauty and human progress. Another programme highlight was the launch of the Change Tourism Austria platform. This community mechanism brings tourism experts together and bundles innovative know-how.

Stefan Sagmeister haelt einen Vortrag auf einer Buehne


The event was staged in line with the Austrian Umweltzeichen ecolabel criteria for green meetings.
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