October 6, 2021

Equality is very important for the Austria Center Vienna! We are proud to announce that 50% women are represented at both board level and division management. We are happy to have so many strong women in our team and to work together on a gender-equitable future.

Karin Stattmann – Head of Sales

Our customers already know Karin Stattmann, because she is head of the sales department at the Austria Center Vienna – Internationales Kongresszentrum and is therefore, together with her team, the first point of contact for congress and event organizers. Karin studied tourism management and after stays abroad in Belgium and France, she was able to gain her experience at the Vienna Convention Bureau. She has been at the Austria Center Vienna since 2013.

Foto: Karin Stattmann


Petra Gräftner – Head of Event Management

Petra Gräftner joined our team as the new Head of Event Management! With more than 20 years of experience in the event industry she is excited to share her expertise and knowledge with us, and to navigate her team through this uncertain period just in time when we are hosting events again.

Foto: Petra Graeftner


Christina Karner & Claudia Wagner – Head of HR

Employees are the most important elements of a company. Therefore Christina Schulz and Claudia Wagner, as a strong team are responsible for the company’s HR-agendas in an appreciative and creative way. As an expert with a master’s degree in HR-management and a lawyer with a lot of HR-experience in national and international corporations and in consulting, they complement each other wonderfully.

Foto: Christina Karner Claudia Wagner

©acv.at, (f.l.t.r.) Christina Karner, Claudia Wagner

We are very pleased that we have a high proportion of women in the MINT-professions at the Austria Center Vienna – (MINT – mathematics, informatics, sciences and engineering). Our departments in construction management, facility management and event technology are supported by Katharina Fischbacher, Verena Kossik-Melcher, Petra Köstl and Elisa Thümecke.

Katharina Fischbacher – Project Manager Event Technicians

Katharina Fischbacher is our project manager in the department event technology and studied event engineering. Together with our sales department, she will implement exciting customer projects.

Foto: Katharina Fischbacher


Verena Kossik-Melcher – Head of Facility Management

Verena Kossik Melcher heads the facility management department and keeps the house running. She has a Master degree in science of facility management.

Foto: Verena Kossik-Melcher


Petra Köstl – Deputy Divisional Head of Vienna International Centre & Construction Management

Petra Köstl is the deputy head of the Vienna International Centre and works as a construction project manager at the Austria Center Vienna. She really appreciates the cooperation with our event management team and the cooperation with the United Nations.

Foto: Petra Köstl


Elisa Thümecke – Construction Management

Elisa Thümecke is a civil engineer and leads our large renovation project. She is also working in our Construction Management team at the Austria Center Vienna.

Foto: Elisa Thuemecke


Margot Weissensteiner & Viktoria Naderer – Head of the COVID-19 vaccination and testing

As many of you know, the Austria Center Vienna has had the test lanes since late autumn 2020 and the vaccination lanes since February 2021. Margot Weissensteiner and Viktoria Naderer run the test and vaccination lanes in the Austria Center Vienna and pull the strings in the background. Both have a lot of experience in event management and are absolute professionals in their field.

Foto: Margot Weissensteiner Victoria

©acv.at, (f.l.t.r.) Margot Weissensteiner, Viktoria Naderer

Susanne Baumann-Söllner – Managing Director

The Austria Center Vienna team has the backing of the Ministry of Finance, which is the owner of IAKW-AG. We have a particularly close working relationship thanks to the dynamic, inspiring and positive partnership with the women responsible for us – Section Leader Angelika Schätz, and Group Leader and IAKW-AG Supervisory Board Member Elisabeth Gruber. Under the banner of “empowered women empower women” we look forward to working together in the name of equal opportunities and inclusion in future, while continuing to implement many more exciting projects in the years to come with the support of our highly diverse team!

Foto: Vorständin

©acv.at, (f.l.t.r.) Elisabeth Gruber, Susanne Baumann-Söllner, Angelika Schätz

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