Make an entrance in our new reception area

February 25, 2021
Foto: Eingang 3 Eingangshalle

The new area at the main entrance was completed in February 2021. Unlike the old info zone, which was located in the entrance hall, organisers can now welcome participants the moment they step inside the building. Here’s a sneak preview!

Light colours, warm materials

The white ceiling design and the wood panelling on the balustrades helps to create a bright and warm ambience for participants from the moment they enter the venue. Two vertical screens can be used to provide orientation or display welcome messages.

The reception area – new reference and starting point

The new reception area is located on the right hand side – before participants even set foot in the entrance hall – with warm wood surfaces continuing to set the tone. Recessed into the ceiling, state-of-the-art energy efficient lighting strips can be adjusted independently from each other, or used to create different colour accents to match individual events.

Lighting highlight

Three suspended glass lights created by Tom Dixon provide a focal point that gives the reception area its own distinctive character. It’s definitely worth a look – or a photo – on your next visit.

A video wall says more than a thousand words

With a diagonal just shy of three metres, the video wall opposite the reception area is ideal for displaying eye-catching content. From images of Vienna, welcome films, directions to Hall X2 via the escalators or custom advertising messages, you’re bound to grab your participants’ attention.


We look forward to showing you around our new reception area in person soon!

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