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June 10, 2020
Bild: Hygienekonzept für Veranstaltungen im Austria Center Vienna
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In mid-June, events will be returning to the Austria Center Vienna for the first time after a three-month-long break due to the corona crisis. To ensure that everything proceeds safely, we have put together a comprehensive, detailed plan which fully complies with the latest regulations from the Austrian Ministry of Health and the recommendations issued by the WHO. This means that you can channel your full concentration into the content of your event.


Rooms: lots of sizes, same social distance

©IAKW-AG, Ludwig Schedl

As Austria’s largest congress centre, with 24 rooms, 5 halls and 180 meetings rooms at our disposal, we offer the ideal setting for your event. To make this possible, we have come up with a corona compliant seating layout that ensures a minimum distance of more than one meter between seats. Thanks to the different sizes of the rooms and halls on offer, you can be certain that we have the ideal spaces for your participants – whether your event is for 100 or 1,000 people. In the larger halls, we recommended designated seating, and zoning the space into different sectors. We are continuing to offer attractive packages for smaller meetings and gatherings – and it goes without saying that prices remain unchanged, even though the spaces involved are much larger.

Exemplary hygiene standards – across the board

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In the current environment, the topic of hygiene is more of a focus than ever before. From the outset, we will ensure that participants enjoy the best possible conditions for a carefree time at the venue. In addition to providing single use paper towels, soap and hand sanitizer in all WC facilities, we will also be stepping up cleaning rounds and prominently displaying the latest WHO hygiene recommendations. Mechanical ventilation systems for halls, ancillary areas and foyers will deliver a steady supply of fresh air, with up to five times the normal number of air changes per hour. We are also offering various optional services, including providing face masks, offering plexiglass barriers and installing temperature screening cameras in the entrance area.

First rate catering – without any queuing

Foto: Foyer F

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We are committed to avoiding bottlenecks and large concentrations of individuals in any one space, which is why catering arrangements are a special focus. Working in close partnership with our catering partner Motto Catering, food and drinks will be served at participants’ seats. Alternatively, drinks and lunch packages will be waiting for them on arrival. For smaller buffets, instead of self-service, participants will be served individually while measures are taken to ensure that distancing rules are observed when queueing. Together, these measures will ensure that everyone’s preferences are catered to.

Managing visitor flows from the moment of arrival

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Safe and coordinated management of visitor flows begins as soon as participants enter the venue. Depending on the event, we will be opening up two additional side entrances in addition to the main point of entry to avoid large gatherings of people. With the support of our employees and the newly-installed signage system, you are guaranteed to find the quickest route to registration or the room you are looking for. Queues and other congregations of people will be avoided through the use of cordons and, if required, staggered entrance times for all participants. Directing participants towards escalators will help to alleviate potential bottlenecks still further. We are also asking participants to avoid using the lifts wherever possible, to ensure that they are available for people with restricted mobility.

Just in case: outstanding medical support


Providing the very best medical support at all events has always been a priority for us, and not just because of corona. With the support of our partners at the Arbeiter-Samariter-Bund, we have put in place procedures to ensure that we are also ready for all eventualities during the corona crisis. The first aid team is the first point of contact on site, and always available to provide advice on any questions you might have.

And finally: we’re adaptable!

Foto: Sales Team Austria Center Vienna

@IAKW-AG, Ludwig Schedl

A plan is only as good as its implementation. We’re sure that you have questions or special requests. We will be more than happy to work with you to find the best options available and can even adapt various aspects of our hygiene plan to your specific needs. We look forward to hearing from you at [email protected]


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