UN Conferences

The Austria Center Vienna hosts numerous international conferences of the United Nations Organisations, where key representatives from all over the world take part.  

UNWG Bazaar 

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The United Nations Women's Guild organizes the International Festival-Bazaar for the public at the Austria Center Vienna with free admission for the day. Every year the UNWG-Vienna supports charity organizations worldwide that care for and look after the life development of children and youth.

There will be gift items for sale from around the world, special food and drink offered by kitchens from 40 countries. There will also be international cultural performance for the family.  


IAEA General Conference 2008

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The 52nd annual IAEA General Conference opened in Vienna, Austria with high level delegates and representatives from the Agency's 145 Member States in attendance. The 5-day conference discussed major issues facing the Agency, and approved its programme and budget for the coming year.

“Trust between citizens, between member states, and in government itself is one of the most vital needs for peace and the prosperity of humankind. Our ability to work together to confront common threats and promote mutually beneficial objectives – such as the Millennium Development Goals – requires that we nurture this invaluable commodity.”, Ban Ki-moon, Secretary General United Nations.

Global Forum on Re-Inventing Government

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In 2007, the United Nations hosted the 7th Global Forum on Reinventing Government on the theme of "Building Trust in Government" at its headquarters in Vienna. Trust was examined in terms of its relationship with public sector capacities and the costs in its absence. The conference, which was organized in cooperation with the Government of Austria, also explored strategies and innovations that generate improvements in governance and earn the trust of citizens. Efficient, accountable, effective and transparent governance plays a key role in the implementation of policy objectives and internationally agreed goals. Stressing the need to strengthen public sector capacities, the United Nations General Assembly has welcomed the support provided by the Secretariat to the Global Forum through resolution A/RES/57/277.

UNODC Global Initiative to fight Human Trafficking

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The UN.GIFT Vienna Forum to Fight Human Trafficking, held from 13-15 February 2008, helped raise awareness, facilitate cooperation and foster new and innovative partnerships. The Forum gathered over 1,600 participants from over 130 countries around the world.