About us

Internationales Amtssitz- und Konferenzzentrum Wien, Aktiengesellschaft (IAKW-AG) is responsible for two operations:

  • maintaining and managing the Vienna International Centre (VIC)
  • operating the Austria Center Vienna conference centre

Under this unique model IAKW-AG operates the only conference centre in the world located directly next door to one of the four worldwide UN headquarters. IAKW-AG and the Austria Center Vienna are headed by the Managing Directors Susanne Baumann-Söllner and Michael Rotter.

“We attach great importance to sustainable building management - both at the Austria Center Vienna and in the VIC - which is part of our hollistic CSR approach. We are very pleased that the UN Climate Secretariat officially awarded climate neutral status to the VIC in 2016, making it the first of the four UN headquarters to earn this title,” Susanne Baumann-Söllner, CEO.

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IAKW-AG as manager of the VIC

Founded in 1971, IAKW-AG was entrusted with the  planning, construction, maintenance, administration and financing of the Vienna International Center – seat of the headquarters of a number of international organisations. The Republic of Austria is the owner of the complex, which was developed as a federal project. Upon completion, the site opened its doors to the international organisations in 1979.

IAKW-AG’s responsibilities in respect of the VIC include evaluating measures proposed by the international organisations affecting the land and buildings as well as maintenance of buildings and the electricity and energy supply for 325,000m² of space at the eight buildings that make up the VIC. More...


  • 1979: opening of the Vienna International Centre (VIC) – one of the 4 UN headquarters
  • Planned by the Austrian architect Johann Staber
  • About 4,000 employees from more than 100 different countries work in the VIC
  • 2016: Climate award for Vienna International Centre – designated as climate neutral by the UN Climate Secretariat

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IAKW-AG as operator of the Austria Center Vienna

Opened in 1987, the Austria Center Vienna is Austria’s largest conference centre. With 24 lecture rooms, 180 meeting rooms, 22,000 square metres of exhibition space and a capacity of up to 20,000 the centre is among the top destinations on the international conference circuit. More...


  • 1987: opening of the Austria Center Vienna
  • 2013: new management and takeover by Chief Executive Officer Susanne Baumann-Söllner
  • 2014: first Green Conference Centre – awarded with the Austrian Eco-label for conference centres
  • 2015: publication about economic effects: Austria Center Vienna generates gross value added amounting to EUR 377.8m
  • 2016: visitor statistics: about 91,000 international visitors are being expected