14.09.2018 08:00 bis 16.09.2017 17:00 EHDN 2018 (1000 Teilnehmer)

14.09.2018  08:00  - 16.09.2017  17:00
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The EHDN believes that facilitating research to advance knowledge is essential as we strive to develop effective therapies for HD. This philosophy is applied in numerous initiatives, including open sharing of data, infrastructure and support, funding opportunities, education and training. Two large international observational studies, Enroll-HD and Registry, are conducted at some EHDN study sites in accordance with Good Clinical Practice guidelines, and make available large amounts of clinical data and biosamples to any interested researcher.


Saal: E, F2, L3, L6, L7, M, N1, N2
Ausstellung: Eingangshalle
Foyer: F, E

Link: http://www.ehdn.org/news-events/