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  • 18.10.2018World’s largest gastroenterologist congress coming to Vienna

    UEG Week 2018 Reizdarm

    The world’s largest specialist gastroenterological congress will take place in the capital from 20-24 October. Chaired by an Austrian, the scientific committee has drawn up a broad-based programme related to diseases of the digestive tract and its related organs. Core themes include bowel cancer as well as the intestinal microbiome and its influence on the human body and psyche.  read more

  • 25.09.2018Paradigm shift in cancer therapy – 
    leading international researchers meet in Vienna


    Major strides have been made in the field of cancer research recently: the latest therapies now make it possible to treat cases of leukaemia that had previously been deemed incurable. From 28 September to 2 October, more than 5,000 international cancer specialists will converge on the Austria Center Vienna for the annual meeting of the German-speaking countries’ hematology and medical oncology societies, to discuss the latest treatment approaches and outcomes. 
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  • Wien, 11.09.2018New hope for patients with Huntington’s disease –
    Congress brings researchers and sufferers together in Vienna


    Huntington’s disease is an incurable genetic brain disorder. From 14-16 September the European Huntington’s Disease Network will meet at the Austria Center Vienna to discuss the latest breakthroughs that could point towards a future cure. It also gives patients and their families living with the disease practical help and the chance to find out more about the condition at a series of ‘meet the expert’ events.  read more

  • 04.09.2018Lung cancer: number of deaths in women could almost double by 2030 


    Cancer is the second most common cause of death in Austria today, with one in four fatalities attributable to the disease. In light of the decision to reverse parts of the Austrian smoking ban in 2018, lung cancer will be increasingly in the public eye. It is expected that the number of cases of this particular cancer among women will jump by 92% by 2030. From 7-9 September a group of 1,200 oncologists will meet at the Austria Center Vienna to discuss the latest cancer research and treatment breakthroughs.  read more

  • 16.08.2018In search of our planet’s siblings –
    astronomers meet in Vienna

    At the moment, Austrian astronomers are playing a pioneering research role in the quest to find habitable planets orbiting other stars. From 20-31 August around 3,000 astronomers from the International Astronomic Union (IAU) will converge on the Austria Center Vienna to discuss the latest research breakthroughs. A special programme for children and young people has also been lined up.  read more