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  • 29.05.2018More than 100,000 international participants at the
    Austria Center Vienna for the first time

    ECR 2017

    In 2017, Austria’s largest congress centre brought more than 100,000 international participants to Vienna for the first time. The venue also once again exceeded the record revenue figure from the previous year. With a total of 18 congresses and Austria’s rotating presidency of the EU Council as well as the danubeSAIL modernisation project waiting in the wings for 2019, there are already further major projects on the horizon.  read more

  • 15.03.2018danubeSAIL set to become a new landmark in the Austrian capital. Austria Center Vienna unveils its modernisation concept for 2022

    Pressekonferenz donauSegel

    The Austria Center Vienna recently unveiled the largest construction project at the venue since its opening around 30 years ago. A new access building with skywalk and three additional entrances will make it more convenient to use the different levels for separate events held in parallel. An attractive canopy – the danubeSAIL – will also be added to the square outside the building. By the time work is completed in 2022, this area will be transformed into a public space that brings people together, and adds a further 4,200m² for events in either closed or open formats. read more