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Corporate PR

  • 29.06.2017Sharing scientific insights effectively, particularly via social media

    Summer Lounge

    Media professional and social media expert Armin Wolf (350,000 Twitter followers and 300,000 Facebook fans) took up the Austria Center Vienna’s invitation to show a group of leading Austrian researchers how to make the most of social media to position themselves, network with fellow professionals and share their research findings with a wider audience.  read more

  • 19.06.2017Austria Center Vienna confirms five more large-scale congresses between now and 2021 

    Team brings congresses with an additional 16,000 delegates to the Austrian capital. Ambassadors strategy, flexibility and eye for trends pay off.  read more

  • 10.05.2017Record-breaking revenue

    Susanne Baumann-Söllner

    Austria Center Vienna increases revenue from events by 43% in four years, delivers same economic impact (EUR 456.5m) in 2016 as three Vienna Marathons.  read more