17.3.2017 Austria Center Vienna unveils latest upgrades
Ongoing investment helps expand capacity while enhancing look and feel of the venue

Business Lounge Bild vergrößern

Now with even more space, contemporary architecture, better acoustics and cutting-edge technology – Hall N on Level 1 has been completely transformed over the past few months. Ready in time for ECR 2017, the new space was put to use right away as a location for talks with up to 370 people. 

When they were built, the halls at the Austria Center Vienna came with their own interpreting booths, in line with the venue’s primary function as a location for meetings hosted by its neighbour the United Nations. These facilities are no longer required as English has long since established itself as the lingua franca at congresses, and fewer and fewer customers are ordering interpreting services.  As a result, the decision was taken to remove the cabins and dark wooden panelling to free up additional space and give the hall a more contemporary feel. The capacity of Hall N has now increased from 237 to 370

High quality design and technical equipment 

Acoustic ceiling panels in the hall optimise speech and audio clarity, a permanently-installed plug and play sound and AV system keeps set-up times to an absolute minimum and allow speakers to connect just before taking to the stage. Lighting can be installed and adapted according to customer requirements. The addition of fabric wall coverings with attractive colour accents lightens the interior and makes it appear even more spacious. Flexible partition walls can also be used to create two separate spaces for 175 and 160 people. 

Feelgood factor counts

“As with all of our refurbishment projects, creating a functional space where people could feel at home was paramount. During a long day at a congress, daylight plays a major role in keeping people alert and able to concentrate. Opening up the facade also helps to bring home some of the international appeal of the Vienna International Centre right next door. Large windows now let more daylight into the foyer. The new lounge areas – which take their cue from the stylish Business Lounge – are perfect for visitors looking to relax and recharge their batteries between sessions,” explained Managing Director Susanne Baumann-Söllner.  

Shift from plenary meetings towards learning in small groups

“For us, flexibility is about providing the perfect setting for each customer. Levels 0 and 1 are perfect for conferences for 200-4,000 participants and the new Hall N is the ideal complement to our portfolio. Halls of this size are in increasing demand from congress organisers. We have also taken the needs of sponsors and participants into account in the form of flexible exhibition spaces, hospitality areas, networking zones and breakout rooms. All of these developments take us a step closer to achieving our objective of providing the highest degree of functionality possible,” said Head of Sales Stefanie Feichtinger. 

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Internationales Amtssitz- und Konferenzzentrum Wien, Aktiengesellschaft (IAKW-AG) is responsible for maintaining the Vienna International Centre (VIC) and operating the Austria Center Vienna. The Austria Center Vienna is Austria’s largest conference centre, with 24 halls, 180 offices and meeting rooms, and some 22,000 square metres of exhibition space, and is one of the top players on the international conference circuit. IAKW-AG and the Austria Center Vienna are headed by Chief Executive Officer Susanne Baumann-Söllner.

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