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Archiv Wissenschaftskommunikation

  • Talking elephants and problem-solving birds

    Prof. Fitch

    Speaking at the International Convention of Psychological Science (ICPS) held at the Austria Center Vienna, Prof. Tecumseh Fitch explained the similarities in cognition and linguistic function between animals and humans.  read more

  • Biomarkers for early detection are the key to fighting Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s

    Prof. Kovacs

    Leading researchers from all over the world are meeting at the 13th International Conference on Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s Diseases at the Austria Center Vienna to discuss degenerative diseases, their causes, diagnostic processes and therapeutic approaches. read more

  • EGU 2017: microplastics in rivers contaminate the world’s seas  

    Plastic in river

    What happens to the plastic that enters our waterways and where it ends up is just one of the questions being looked at by the 14,000 international participants at this year’s Annual Assembly of the European Geosciences Union (EGU) at the Austria Center Vienna. More than 17,500 presentations in over 1,000 sessions will discuss the future of the planet. read more

  • Austrian ski researchers trigger rule change for professionals which sees the number of serious injuries drop by 24 percent in just four years 

    Dr. Müller

    The nation’s top researchers will present their findings at the ECSS Congress at the Austria Center Vienna from 6-9 July. Focuses include the optimal length and taper for skis as well as the positive health effects of the sport on older skiers.  read more

  • Mark Zuckerberg sparks international vaccination debate – 800 medical experts compared notes on Saturday at the Austrian Vaccination Day

    Prof. Wiedermann-Schmidt

    On 8 January Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg triggered discussions all over the world when he posted a photo of his baby online alongside the comment “Doctor’s visit – time for vaccines”. And on Saturday 16 January a group of international experts at the Austria Center Vienna talked to 800 physicians and other individuals working in various areas of healthcare about the relationship between personalised vaccination plans and universal immunisation programmes. Risk groups such as premature babies, cancer patients and people suffering from autoimmune diseases require personalised prevention solutions. In future a digital vaccination pass will help improve record keeping and boost vaccination rates. read more

  • Breast cancer research: mortality rates falling and individual therapies at the ready 

    Prof. Gnant

    Fewer and fewer women are dying as a result of breast cancer thanks to a combination of improved early detection and the continued development of new and existing therapies. At the St. Gallen Breast Cancer Conference, held at the Austria Center Vienna from 15-18 March, a group of leading international experts drew up and agreed on a set of therapy recommendations that will be used in everyday clinical practice as a guideline for breast cancer therapies. read more

  • EGU: flood defences, natural resources and deflecting incoming asteroids: latest geoscience research presented next week

    Hans Thybo

    Wide range of topics from giant seafloor craters to deflecting incoming asteroids: From 17 to 22 April about 13,000 international delegates will meet at the Austria Center Vienna for the European Geosciences Union (EGU) General Assembly. With a record number of over 16,000 presentations, the meeting will be the largest to date. Inspired by “Active Planet”, the slogan for this year’s event, geoscientists will gather to bring together expertise from individual disciplines. About half of the expected participants are early career scientists. Some research highlights, particularly with Austrian focus, include:  read more

  • “Protect the kidneys, save the heart” – in Austria alone, more than one million people suffer from chronic kidney disorders 

    Prof. Lhotta

    Simple tests and an early detection drive led by general practitioners aims to reduce new incidents of kidney disease and prevent the development of subsequent cardiovascular conditions. The Austrian pilot project and the latest research findings in the field of nephrology will be presented at the Austria Center Vienna from 21-24 May at the European ERA-EDTA Kidney Congress. read more

  • Austrian sports scientists develop custom fitness apps, confirming their top international research credentials

    Prof. Baca

    When it comes to developing apps to monitor and fine-tune patterns of movement, and using real-time, custom performance diagnostics to analyse sports, Vienna’s Institute of Sports Science leads the international field. The latest research findings and pioneering international technologies will be presented at the ECSS Congress at the Austria Center Vienna from 6-9 July read more

  • Public health – there is more to health promotion than just medical care

    Prof. Dorner

    Awareness of how to adopt a healthy lifestyle as well as social and political factors have to be in tune. The real key to keeping people healthy is under discussion by 1,800 public health experts at the 9th European Public Health Conference held at the Austria Center Vienna from 9-12 November 2016. For conditions to improve, health issues need to play a bigger part in both day-to-day life and political decision-making processes.  read more