08.05.2018 Austria’s developer scene meets Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak


The global tech industry is coming to Vienna from 16-18 May: top Austrian tech companies such as StreamUnlimited will come into direct contact with big names on the international developer scene including Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak at the WeAreDevelopers conference. Over 8,000 developers are set to attend the Austrian “Woodstock of developers” at the Austria Center Vienna.

StreamUnlimited – a success story made in Austria…
What does an Austrian audio-video innovation team do when its parent company Philips decides to focus on its core competences in the health sector? It goes it alone and founds StreamUnlimited, a Vienna-based software development company specialising in the creation of streaming and voice-assisted products that can mix it with the big boys of the international developer scene. Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant’s Ok Google command both use components from StreamUnlimited, which picked up a silver Austrian Export Award in 2017 in recognition of its international success.  

…meets Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak
This Austrian success story has strong echoes of the American dream, and follows a similar path to the one taken by Apple as one of the earliest manufacturers of personal computers – a story that countless developers are working to replicate. At WeAreDevelopers, which takes place at the Austria Center Vienna from 16 to 18 May, StreamUnlimited’s Austrian development team will find themselves under the same roof as Apple’s co-founder Steve Wozniak for the first time.  

Over 8,000 developers – the Austrian “Woodstock of developers”
More than 8,000 developers are expected to attend WeAreDevelopers in Austria to discuss the latest technical innovations on the software development scene. The WeAreDevelopers conference is a success story in its own right: in the space of just three years its attendance figures have increased from 350 to 8,000, and the conference now attracts visitors from more than 70 different countries. In addition to Wozniak, the other big names to have announced their participation include Microsoft AI boss Joseph Sirosh, game designer John Romero (Doom, Quake and Wolfenstein), Bitcoin expert Andreas Antonopoulos and Stack Overflow and Trello founder Joel Spolsky.

People spotting and facial recognition – no longer the preserve of humans
Artificial intelligence systems, or AIs – technologies for the automation of intelligent behaviour and machine learning – will be among the big themes of the conference. AIs are playing a major role in developing the technologies of the future. “Without machine learning, the image and speech recognition that we’re familiar with today just wouldn’t be possible. Huge strides are being made in image recognition at the moment,” explains Sead Ahmetovic, the Managing Director and Co-Founder of WeAreDevelopers.

As well as automated-document recognition and facial recognition for unlocking personal devices, this technology is also being used to enable users to search for specific content in images using natural speech. 

Privacy vs. security
“Some very powerful technology already exists in this area. The key now is how people are going to deal with the opportunities and risks that face-detection systems pose,” says Ahmetovic. The EU’s new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which comes into force this May, is designed to address issues like this and provide better protection of personal privacy and update legislation in line with the latest technologies.  

Voice command will soon bring Star Trek-style visions to life
Artificial intelligence is also playing a significant role our day-to-day lives in the form of natural-language processing applications known as NLP systems. NLP allows users to communicate with computers in their own words, and provides the basis for all popular speech recognition systems such as Siri and Alexa. “The requirement for internet connectivity, which most NLP systems rely on, is a big challenge. Triggering sequences on systems such as smartphones when they don’t have an active internet connection is the real art. As a result, it might take a while longer before it’s possible to engage in a real dialogue with a local machine, but things are definitely heading in that direction – just like what you see on Star Trek,” predicts Ahmetovic.

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