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Conferences and Meetings

  • AMEE 2019 - Association for Medical Education in Europe 
    Nicola White: "The events team at the ACV were exceptional. As an ex venue event manager, i appreciate the limitations they face acting as communicator to the various departments working within the venue. If i could work with Margot and Marion at every venue we hold events, i would happily do so. They are truly a great credit to the venue."

  • Micro Focus 2019
    Dagmar Conzelmann: "The conference we held at the ACV for nearly 2000 pax was a great success. The ACV and its partner companies has been a great partner from beginning to end and we appreciated the flexibility of the complete ACV team. We would love to come back if we found availabiltiy ;)" 

  • UNWG Bazaar 2018
    Kalpana Scholtes-Dash: "Impossible to imagine another venue where project managers and technical staff become friends with the event organizers during the planning process"

  • Associations World Congress 2017
    Damian Hutt: "Thank you for a wonderful Congress experience in beautiful Vienna, the ACV was a fantastic location with excellent facilities and staff."

  • AD/PD 2017 - International Conference on Alzheimer's and Parkinson's Disease and Related Neurological Disorders 2017
    Robert Nesbitt: "The Austria Center Vienna provided us with the perfect venue and infrastructure which enabled us to create one of the finest scientific meetings of all time."

    Robert Nesbitt: "Viktoria, Sasha and Marion are all fabulous"

  • ERA-EDTA 2016 - European Renal Association 
    - European Dialysis and Transplant Association

    Paolo Zavalloni: "I knew that our congress was in good hands and the team was always available to support us in any situation. Being sure that everything is coordinated and checked is a big relief."

  • EAHP 2016 - European Association of Hospital Pharmacists
    Jennie de Greef: "The Austria Centre Vienna provided EAHP with professional and courteous service both before and during our congress. We will definitely return in the future!"

  • IBA 2015 - International Bar Association
    Judy Lane: "It really was a big pleasure working with you and your outstanding efficiency and responsiveness will be much missed."

  • SOE 2015 - European Society of Ophthalmology
    Josephine Gordon: "I just wanted to say thank you so much for all your help with SOE, in the lead up to and also during the Congress. It turned out to be a very successful congress and everyone certainly seemed to enjoy it."

  • ASRS 2015 - Annual Meeting of the American Society of Retina Specialists
    Cherylyn Marks: "I cannot thank you enough for your patience, availability, flexibility and EVERYTHING else with us.  You definitely helped to make the organization of this international congress feel less complicated. It was a pleasure working with you both in the planning stages and on site."

  • ECR 2014 - European Congress of Radiology (20.000 delegates)
    Peter Baierl: "This year 2014 is the 20th congress at the Austria Center Vienna and we are proud to say the best one ever."

  • EGU 2014 - European Geosciences Union General Assembly 2014 (12.000 delegates)
    Martin Rasmussen: "The highlights here at the Austria Center Vienna is clearly the focus on the attendees. The first point is the architecture, we have a network of supplier to make your conference running - that is ideal here - and of course the team of the house. It is important that there is a good collaboration."

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  • DIA-Euro Meeting2014 (3.000 delegates)
    Carla Spiljard: „You are very service minded and have been of great help. It has been a relief to see how good cooperation can lead to a smooth execution.“ 

  • UEG Week 2014 - United European Gastroenterology (7.000 delegates)

Corporate Meetings

  • G-Force EMEA 2013
    Troy A. Askew: "The 'can do', 'not a problem' attitude that was displayed by everyone was a refreshing and welcome experience... Completely understanding our needs / requirements and responding quickly to our changes was accompanied by a smile." 
  • Deichmann Corporate Meeting 2016
  • PORR Corporate Meeting 2015
  • Kühne & Nagel Company Anniversary
  • Vemma Europe Limited 2014
  • General meetings of various Austrian companies
  • ...

Gala, banquet, balls

  • LOTTERIEN-GALA „Night of Sports“
  • Podegiki Incentive 2014
  • IFA Gala