Custom safety and security concepts for every client

Security officer Helmut Schwab Security officer Helmut Schwab: “Our in-house security control room is occupied 24 hours a day every day of the year.”

Safety and security start in the planning stages: to provide optimal precautions, we have implemented our own Security Organisation System – SOS for short – that guarantees structured and properly documented procedures before, during and after events.

This system enables us to perform an accurate risk assessment with our customers and determine the safety and security procedures that need to be adopted for their event, before enlisting the support of external partners if required. The designated event manager, who has the best overview, is assigned the role of primary contact person and charged with ensuring that the customer’s individual requirements are taken into consideration. SOS is applied for all events, and adapted according to the size and type of gathering.

The Austria Center Vienna has a designated security officer, Helmut Schwab, who is responsible for bringing all the different threads together. In addition to overseeing event security, he also coordinates general building security. This covers various aspects including alarm systems for monitoring access and anti-burglary protection, video surveillance for entry and exit points, and an access control system for all employees, partners and external suppliers.

Helmut Schwab: “Our security centre is staffed round the clock, every day of the year – this enables us to log important data rapidly and respond to any potential incidents instantaneously. Being at the cutting edge is especially important when it comes to security – and this not only applies to technology, it also extends to the organisational side of things such as ensuring that crisis management measures are fit for purpose.”