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Further Informations

Event concepts

Wiener Stadtpark at the largest hall

From 2-5 May 2017 the Austria Center Vienna hosted the Associations World Congress, credited as the world’s largest training, knowledge and networking conference for associations. Together with our partner MOTTO Catering the Austria Center Vienna team transformed the largst hall into a facsimile of the Stadpark for the opening event.

Rose bushes, hydrangeas and a copy of the world-famous Johann Strauss statue created an unforgettable and highly-unusual backdrop. The culinary art also delighted the guests: excellent regional ingredients and seasonal variations let the world-famous Viennese cuisine shine. Flowers and pots of fresh herbs on specially constructed buffet elements help to transform the buffet area into a visual experience. The drinking fountain copied from the Stadtpark as well as the crockery from the Biedermeier periode completed the special setting.

Central meeting place at a conference – the entrance hall

There is no limit to what can be achieved in the entrance hall. Thanks to its flexibility and first-rate digital infrastructure it is ideally suited for a wide range of uses – as a networking area, catering zone or digital info point.

Gentlemen’s club and the flair of a park at hall E

This event concept sees the Austria Center Vienna open its doors to Austrian scientists, researchers and professors. An exclusive 80m² area in the entrance hall has been given a new lease of life as a VIP zone in the style of a gentlemen’s club. A red carpet leads guests straight to it from the entrance, through the gentlemen’s club into the gala hall. Bathed in subdued lighting, this space gives visitors the sense of being in the middle of a park. Gently moving leaves and bushes projected onto the walls lend the space a special ambience.

Private networking lunch on the terrace

Grass and a sea of flowers transform sections of the 4,000m terrace, giving it a special feelgood atmosphere that reminds visitors of being in their own garden at home. The path to the outdoor spaces is marked by a luxury champagne-coloured carpet, flanked by hired hydrangeas. In line with the theme of one of the events – social mediahashtags in Twitter speech bubbles and Twitter birds in cages decorate the presentation area.

The catering team also has all the angles covered. In summer temperatures there is nothing better than a barbecue accompanied by refreshing salads and desserts. Our partner MOTTO Catering creates perfect catering concepts with loving attention to detail.

Employer Branding all the way

The world of construction brought to life across more than 20,000m² of exhibition space, a stage featuring some 250m² of projection space and a glittering show in the Austria Center Vienna’s largest hall to entertain 1,800 employees. Branded containers and construction equipment at the main entrance to the Austria Center Vienna set the scene for what was to come inside the building. The lobby contained a mock-up of a building site and road signs led the way into the rooms and halls – just like on a construction project.The innovative lighting system bathed the Austria Center Vienna’s largest hall in PORR’s CI colours and other colour accents.  

Room-in-room concepts 

Keynote space, one-on-one meeting zone and catering area in a single hall – special design tricks, lighting features and green plants transform the hall into an atmospheric multipurpose location.