Staff A dedicated team for an event that runs smoothly

With long-term experience, our recommended staff ensures high quality standards for your event. Internal as well as external employees have comprehensive knowledge of on-site technical infrastructure and have access to additional equipment at the venue. Your project manager will support you with advice regarding staff requirements and the booking.  

  1. Cloakroom assistants are responsible for looking after participants’ clothing. All items deposited at the cloakroom facilities are insured against theft or damage.
  2. Information desk staff provide general information, details of events and other assistance for participants.
  3. Helpdesk technicians are responsible for the 1st level support on-site. 
  4. Sound and interpreting technicians are responsible for setting up sound systems and ensuring they operate properly during the event. 
  5. Lighting technicians are responsible for setting up lighting systems and ensuring that they operate properly during the event. 
  6. IT technicians (on site or standby) are experts for special issues, questions and solutions related to WLAN, LAN and network infrastructure. Standby network technicians can reach the venue within 30 minutes. IT technicians have extensive experience of event IT and technology requirements.
  7. Electricians install electricity distribution systems and oversee activation. They are also responsible for all questions and issues relating to power supply and are able to provide immediate assistance.
  8. Conference assistants/hostesses support the general running and management of the event.
  9. Fire wardens are responsible for ensuring that escape routes are clear, providing assistance if the building has to be cleared or evacuated, supply general information – e.g. orientation support for spaces and people, are available to participants for support with safety-related issues, initiate suitable measures to avert damage or danger (e.g. notifying emergency services, shutting off water and electricity mains, managing evacuation procedures, calling emergency repair services, extinguishing fires and providing first aid etc.) 
  10. Emergency doctor is a fully-qualified physician.
  11. In-house fire service is a team of three people on site during the event and is responsible for all general safety and fire safety matters.