Waytation - analysing visitor streams

Waytation’s solution monitors visitor streams and interactions at conferences and exhibitions. It also delivers measurable data on requirements and patterns of behaviour of delegates.

  • How do participants move through the building?
  • How many participants attended a lecture and how long did they stay in the lecture room?
  • Do doctors, nurses and industry representatives stay in lectures for the same amount of time? 

Wide range of applications

Analysis of sessions

  • Number of participants in lectures
  • Amount of time spent in lectures
  • Analysis of individual target groups

Analysis of exhibitions and individual stands

  • Depending on the number and concentration of transmission boxes at an exhibition, it is not only possible to track general movements but also to keep tabs on the amount of time that delegates spend at individual stands and even the most popular spots at a particular stand.
  • The system delivers valuable insights to help make the next event even better, from planning the next series of talks and exhibitions to designing catering areas and general relaxation spaces. 

The Technology

WayTags (tags) transmitter stations record anonymized data and deliver them to a central database. The unique advantage of Waytation lies in the fact that tag holders are not required to actually do anything. They don’t have to add an app to their smartphone or hold their badge up to a terminal and scan it.
The advantages of the Waytation online dashboard include real-time data read outs and intuitive diagrams. The heat map function delivers a quick overview of where participants are at certain times. Also detailed analysis of of specific times of day and indvidual target groups are possible.


Automatic CME credit booking

As standard the WayTags are not linked with any personal data. It exists the opportunity to personalise the WayTags by adding your own data at a CME terminal. So it is possible to calculate the CME credits and assign them to the holder´s account. This service not only delivers a host of advantages for organisers, also participants no longer have to go out of their way to ensure their credits are properly accounted for.  

Waytation´s IT solution was used at the Austria Center Vienna for the first time for ECR 2016. Participants that voluntarily signed up to use the service were given tags to affix to their badges. The WayTags were in such high demand that on the first day more than 3,500 of them were handed out within just four hours. 

More information: www.waytation.com

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