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From large-scale conferences with 20,000 participants to gala events – certification is a clear statement that you are taking economic, social and environmental responsibility for your event. We are here to advise and support you while you plan your event, and even provide free green meeting or green event certification in
compliance with the Austrian ecolabel.

You want to make a statement at your next event? Have a look at >> Your roadmap to Green Meeting

There are mandatory criteria to be met in nine areas, as well as numerous optional points to help you achieve certification. Austria Center Vienna contributes 29 points out of the 32-55 points (depending on the event).

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And as far as the mandatory criteria are concerned, Vienna and the Austria Center Vienna give you a welcome head start! An overview of the key points in the nine categories:

Mobility and climate protection

  • Rapid links between the venue and Vienna International Airport and the European rail network, plus low-carbon options for reaching social events thanks to Vienna’s extensive public transport network
  • Promotion of environmentally-friendly travel options in all event documentation


  • Vienna offers a full range of eco-certified hotels.
  • Communication of the event’s environmental standards to all partner hotels


  • The Austria Center Vienna has its own ecolabel and, as a venue, contributes 27 points which are needed to achieve certification, e.g existing analogue signage system as well as a digital signage system for individual usage.
  • Corporate Social Responsibility

Procurement, materials and waste management

  • Adaptation of waste management concept to your event or meeting’s particular requirements
  • Information on waste prevention measures for employees and participants
  • Not using disposable crockery, cutlery, cans or coffee capsules, or disposable packaging as give aways – also applies to exhibitors
  • Keeping printed materials to a minimum, using eco-certified paper when printed materials are necessary

Exhibitors/stand assembly partners

  • Informing all exhibitors of environmental requirements and formalising agreements regarding avoidance of disposable cutlery and crockery and use of recyclable materials


  • Our certified caterer "MOTTO" is fully compliant with green meeting and green event standards. 


  • Informing all employees, partners, delegates and members of the public about green meeting measures and sustainability standards
  • Nomination of a green contact to collect feedback from participants on green measures

Social Aspects 

  • Adaptation of standard security procedures for your event

Event Technology

  • We already fulfil all mandatory requirements

For further Information

Please contact our Green Meeting Agent

Sascha Tretenhahn
T: +43-1-26069-325

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