Outstanding digital infrastructure Austria Center Vienna earns Digital Infrastructure Award 2016


Internet access for an entire city at the Austria Center Vienna: At major international congresses the Austria Center Vienna’s wireless network experiences the kind of loads only otherwise seen in major urban hotspots like London – distilled into ‘just’ 42,000 m².

A seamless, high-availability WLAN for 20,000 users or 35,000 simultaneous connections from multiple devices gives event organisers access to a truly unique IT infrastructure package. The system’s appeal also stems from its fast download speeds. It delivers unlimited internet access irrespective of the type, age and origin of the device being used. Our system allows users to simply log in, start networking or work as if they were in their own home or office. 

This is made possible thanks to a high concentration of HD access points (93 in total) and excellent bandwidth. Bandwidth is set at 1 GB/s as standard, with the option to increase speed to 4 GB/s at any time. From the summer onwards, organisers will have access to speeds of up to 20 GB/s. The IT infrastructure is complemented by 1,500 permanently cabled LAN connections dotted throughout the building. These are particularly in demand for offices at large-scale congresses and in smaller meeting rooms.

100 Mbit/s are available to all organisers absolutely free of charge under standard agreements – which is a unique selling point in its own right.  

Austria Center Vienna earns Digital Infrastructure Award 

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Each year the INCON Digital Infrastructure Award is given in recognition of exceptionally innovative digital infrastructure at leading congress centres and convention hotels. The other finalists included the Marina Bay Sands convention centre and hotel in Singapore, the Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre in Australia and Ireland’s Croke Park Meetings & Events.
“The Austria Center Vienna was the strongest candidate by a considerable margin,” confirmed Roslyn McLeod, jury chair and co-chair of INCON as she praised Austria’s largest congress and event centre. McLeod hopes that this example of best practice will provide positive inspiration for the entire congress and meetings industry. 

High-performance WiFi and LAN - facts and figures

WiFi digital working

  • FREE 100 Mbit WiFi for your event
  • High availability WiFi infrastructure for 20,000 people – 35,000 simultaneous connections for all devices 
  • Fast connections without download limits (download rate 15 Mbit/s per device), irrespective of age or type of device
  • High concentration of HD access points (93 in total) 
  • Standard bandwidth of 1 GB/s (optional increase up to 4 GB/s)
  • 204 individually programmable WiFi (SSIDs)
  • Ideal set-up for paperless conferences
  • 1,500 permanently cabled LAN connections 
  • 34 individually programmable WiFi zones allow sponsors and exhibitors to reach specific user groups with tailored content
  • Bandwidth grouping according to user group (public, VIP, press zone etc.)
  • Custom network name, password encryption 

Strong IT partner - international demand for H82's expertise 

For H82 CEO Johann Weck, the secret to the award-winning WLAN’s success is down to three elements: the right hardware to begin with, availability of the necessary expertise to get the best out of it and, finally, the opportunity to offer an exceptional level of service to customers. We are on site, constantly taking the system to the next level and delivering exactly what people want: high performance internet where it is needed. Partner H82 >>

Multifunctional screen system

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  • more than 100 full-HD screens and projectors in the building 
  • digital signage system supports easy orientation
  • additional advertising space for sponsors and exhibitors
  • Multimedia presentations with all media formats supported (video clips of sponsors, etc.)
  • can be used as agenda screens in combination with a slide centre
  • for live-streamings in overflow areas and for interactive social media activities
  • Brochure: Multifunctional screen system

Ideal digital infrastructure

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  • ideal network structure for hybrid meetings
  • innovative media centre solutions for live TV broadcasts 
  • Seamless tracking solution to analyze visitor movements and interactions
  • Glass fibre optic cables in key event halls for HD transmission of talks and other content
  • Innovative presentation tools for digital posters (PICO, EPOS formats)
  • paperless conferences (the first completely paper-free conference in 2013 attracted 3,500 delegates and used 2,500 iPads)
  • branded IT solutions (landing page, SSID, talk time limits, etc.)
  • Brochure IT-Infrastructure