Catering Quality and style add a special feelgood factor

Our exclusive catering partner MOTTO Catering is brimming with fresh ideas and is a certified green meeting partner according to the Austrian ecolabel. 

The MOTTO is the conference of good taste

From the choice of dishes to the crockery and decorations to the buffet elements: excellent regional ingredients and seasonal variations let the world-famous Viennese cuisine shine. Always beautifully presented: thanks to exclusive crockery that strikes the perfect balance between down-to-earth charm and understated elegance. Flowers and pots of fresh herbs on specially constructed buffet elements help to transform the buffet area into a visual experience.

The MOTTO is the ultimate taste

The ultimate taste and always the right catering concept will leave you speechless – and not just because your mouth is full. Specially designed breakfast, coffee breaks, fingerfood, galamenu, food trucks and doggy bags - MOTTO Catering designs almost everything to be mobile, meaning that dishes can be presented in the best possible light at all parts of the Austria Center Vienna.  

Celebrated caterer MOTTO designs its own product line, has its headquarters with 2,000m² state-of-the-art kitchen at the Austria Center Vienna and is the operator of Café MOTTO at the venue.

The MOTTO is the nicest coffee break

The city’s loveliest tradition: the coffee house culture. At the Café MOTTO you delve into a culture which the Viennese carry deep in their hearts. Fresh Viennese coffee is served together with homemade pastries and desserts, so that you return from your break with renewed vigour.

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MOTTO Catering GmbH
Dominika Gschmeidler
Head of Catering
Tel: +43 1 585 23 03 - 29

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