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Austria Center Vienna 2022

The Austria Center Vienna realises the largest construction project at the venue since its opening around 30 years ago. A new access building with Panorama Walk and three additional entrances will make it more convenient to use the different levels for separate events held in parallel. An attractive canopy – the danubeSAIL – will also be added to the square outside the building. Completed in 2022, this area will be transformed into a public space that brings people together, and adds a further 4,200m² for events in either closed or open formats. 

The advantages of the modernisation:

  • 4 entrances
  • all levels accessible separatly
  • 4,200 m2 open and closed multifunctional event space
  • a new landmark in the austrian capital Vienna
  • Panorama Lounge with a view to the forecourt and danubeSAIL
  • Danube Terrace and Rooftop Terrace for break-outs and networking 

donauSEGEL Austria Center Vienna 2022 March 2018, subject to changes. Bild vergrößern

4 new entrances 

  • each level accessible separately via the new entrances
  • quick connections between the congress centre and exhibition halls
  • new links and event spaces due to the Panorama-Lounge and Panorama Walk


  • 4,200 m2 additional exhibition space
  • open-air events possible
  • outdoor networking and relax-area

Vienna´s new landmark

  • delegates meet and relax under Vienna´s new landmark 

Update March 2018, Example for event concepts, subject to changes