Most successful year in Austria Center Vienna’s history

Austria’s largest congress centre posted a record year for the third time in succession in 2018. The 136,000 international participants who attended events at the venue last year induced an economic impact of EUR 527 million.

Vienna is one of the leading destinations for international congresses – Paris was the only city in the world to host more large-scale events in 2018. The Austria Center Vienna’s congress business brought about 116,000 international visitors to the Austrian capital last year – a number which does not include the 20,000 international delegates who came to the city as part of Austria’s presidency of the EU Council. Last year a total of around 136,000 international participants attended events hosted at the nation’s largest congress centre. This represents a 29% year-on-year increase, and a jump of 163% compared with 2013.

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Internationale Gäste sichern über 3.700 Arbeitsplätze in Österreich
A typical congress attendee spends around twice as much as the average visitor to Vienna – EUR 541, to be precise. As a result, international competition is extremely strong in the congress tourism sector. The latest analysis published by the Institute for Advanced Studies (IHS) confirms the substantial economic benefits of conferences for the tourism industry, hospitality trade and wider infrastructure. The 136,000 international participants who came to the venue during the year induced a worldwide economic impact of around EUR 527m. More than half of this amount was attributable to Austria, with EUR 188m generated in Vienna and EUR 81m in the rest of the country. When the employment effect is extrapolated into person years, events at the Austria Center Vienna accounted for more than 3,700 year-round jobs in Austria in 2018 alone

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