Casting your corporate identity in the perfect light

Creative productions for corporate events can transform a get-together into an unforgettable experience

Joined-up event concepts start at the invitation stage and jump out at guests from the moment they start to approach the venue. 

A uniform design for everything from underground stations to meeting rooms

One civil engineering company took this approach to the next level, sending its apprentices in yellow PORR helmets and workwear to the underground station to welcome its 1,700 employees as they arrived. The walkway leading from the station to the Austria Center Vienna was branded with the company’s CI, putting a creative focus on the product: construction. Blue steps and flags bearing the corporate logo, flashing beacon lights and traffic signs pointed the way to the venue. A group of around ten mechanical diggers and other construction vehicles and a pair of branded blue site offices were arranged on the square in front of the Austria Center Vienna. “A set-up like this calls for careful planning well in advance, as well as some clever logistics work. Coordinating the arrivals and moving the machines into place presented a major challenge for us as well as the customer – one that we easily overcame thanks to a strong team spirit. The diggers on the square outside were joined by two more earth movers in the entrance hall and another pair on the stage in Hall A,” confirmed Hannes Kriser, the ACV project manager in charge of the event. 

Entrance hall reimagined as a road network

Participants walked into the conference centre through a specially branded welcome portal, with a grey carpet featuring deceptively realistic road markings leading into the entrance hall and the registration desk. A pair of five-tonne diggers were positioned in the centre of the entrance hall in the middle of a makeshift roundabout.

Plenary meeting in Hall ABC with iPads and double projections

Numerous traffic signs were added to the digital signage system to show visitors the way to the largest hall, which can accommodate up to 4,300 people. An 18x6m projection screen and parliamentary-style seating was installed in Hall ABC. In Halls B and C – which were linked to Hall A – additional double projections on 12x4m widescreens ensured that everyone had a great view of proceedings.

As the event was held as a green meeting, participants were given iPads to use for the duration, which allowed them to make notes in digital form. “This enabled us to do without hardcopies of programme brochures, feedback forms and so on, saving a lot of paper in the process,” noted a PORR spokesperson. 

Great atmosphere in Hall X3

Exhibition hall X3 was transformed into an Oktoberfest beer tent for an unforgettable evening event. Huge wreaths hanging from a suspended ceiling made from white sheeting, together with live entertainment on the stage set the scene for a memorable beer fest.