Foyer L

New space for networking and catering.

  • Daylight
  • Flexible use
  • Mobile catering
  • Terrace access

More space for communication. Welcome your participants in Foyer L. Flooded with natural light, visitors can make the most of their coffee breaks and network with each other here.


    Foyer L capacity

    A space for up to 540 guests to network, eat, drink or simply relax.

    • Cocktail
      540 People

    A great break in a feelgood atmosphere

    Foyer L covers 1.100 m² and features a spacious catering area. A setting that lets your participants enjoy their coffee or lunch breaks in peace and quiet. Flexible catering set-ups and appetising presentation of dishes help to create an appealing look and feel here too. Access to the foyer is step free. There is also a seperate entrance to the level 1. From the gallery you will have a great view into the entrance hall.

    • Area
      1,100 m²
    • Room height
      3.24 m
    • Construction height
      2.8 m

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