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New dimensions for events, as shown by the ECR


Another best practice event for Vienna – the European Congress of Radiology (ECR) has always gone one step further engaging its participants. Clever networking of indoor and outdoor experiences and consistent visual worlds make it all possible. The centrepiece of the sophisticated concept: creative animations and branding on the large LED displays in the entrance hall. Digital and sustainable.
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-A look back at ECR 2022


-Arrive and engage

The entrance hall comprises a new reception area with space for innovative storytelling. The experience also includes presenting creative messages and animated stories on 144m² of brandable LED displays.
Everything you need to know about the entrance hall

-Building bridges with compelling stage settings

We use stage settings that are full of appeal to create an emotional, joined-up experience for virtual and in-person participants alike. Podium discussions are also transformed into cinema-like productions thanks to digital stages, jib cameras and teleprompters.

-Blurring boundaries between inside and outdoors

A large semi-outdoor area for registrations, a bar and networking creates an inviting ambience and a sense of openness. And then there’s the green terraces and exterior spaces that are great for evening events against the impressive backdrop of the Donaucity skyline.

Digital and analogue branding-Anyone for any more branding?

Are you looking to stage a best practice event in Vienna and want to find out everything there is to know about branding at the venue? We’ll work with you to design and implement a creative head turner that features all the aesthetic highlights – for on-site events or hybrid settings.

Best of Branding
Foto: LED Wand mit Präsentation und vorbeigehenden Menschen im Austria Center Vienna
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