COVID-19 antigen rapid testing at the Austria Center Vienna

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Foto: WU Studentin ist beim COVID19 Antigen Schnelltest im Austria Center Vienna negativ getestet

Austria Center Vienna supports the City of Vienna-Free COVID-19 rapid testing provided by the City of Vienna

Everyone living and working in Vienna can come to the Austria Center Vienna for a free rapid antigen test. Alternatively, a drive-through testing facility is available in the garage next to the venue. You will receive the result as a link via SMS. Due to a current construction site, our drive-in test is temporarily closed from 2 to 5.11. Parking and the use of the walk-in is still possible.
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Everything you need to know-Testing and result

Everyone who lives or works in Vienna and children who attend school in Vienna can get tested for free (Monday to Sunday incl. public holidays) from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. if they register beforehand. You will receive the result as a link via SMS or get it online at the website "green pass".

Online result green pass
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Registration & Procedure

Registration for the COVID19 rapid test-One QR code for every person

Please register beforehand via the online registration tool provided by the City of Vienna. PLEASE NOTE: EVERY PERSON needs to register individually. Every person gets their own QR code, which you must present before getting tested.

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Walk-In and Drive-In-Making a reservation

You can book your appointment here. To book an appointment, each person must be entered (i.e. if two people want to come to the test, both people must book an appointment). You get a reservation confirmation by email. At the end of the reservation process you will automatically get to the registration process for one person. You can only enter the data of one person and get a QR code for this person. ALL OTHER PERSONS must register individually so that EVERY PERSON gets their own QR code. The QR code is valid for several tests. This means if you have registered once and got your QR code you do not have to register again.

Current utilization

Last updateTests daily from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. Pets are not allowed inside the Walk In Test centre.

Video-COVID-19 Rapid test procedure

Summary-Testing procedure

To ensure that everything goes smoothly on site, you need to register via the online tool provided by the City of Vienna. Come to the centre at your chosen time and bring your QR code, your e-card and an official photo ID. Please wear a face mask! A qualified health professional will take a swab from your nose. You get your test result within 15 minutes and a confirmation, which is valid for 24h.

How to get to-Austria Center Vienna

People WITHOUT symptoms: travel by public transport, underground U1 to Kaisermühlen/VIC (highlighted red), and walk to Austria Center Vienna. People WITH symptoms and people with restricted mobility: drive to the underground car park (highlighted blue) of Austria Center Vienna. The maximum vehicle height is 2m.

parking-Walk-through rapid testing

We hope you understand that our drive-through testing lanes in the underground car park are mainly intended for people with symptoms. If you do not have any symptoms and come here by car, we recommend that you use our walk-through test facilities at Bruno-Kreisky-Platz in order to keep waiting times short. Please use one of the car parks in the area to ensure that everything goes smoothly on site.

Foto: Plan Garagen

Austria Center Vienna-Arriving by bike

You would like to come with your bike to the rapid-testing? If you are arriving by bike, there are bike parking spaces available on our forecourt.

Plan your route
Foto: Anfahrtsplan Rad zu den Test-und Impfstraßen

Frequently asked questions-WHO?

All persons who live (primary and secondary residence), work, are staying or attending school in Vienna.

Children under 6 years of age are not tested. Children aged 6 years and above may be tested if the parents or legal guardian(s) request this.

In case of acute symptoms, you must use the test centre set up in our Drive-In because this avoids your having to use public transport. For such a test, you need to register and make an appointment in advance.

Multiple tests are possible but limited to one test per day and person.

We are sorry but dogs are not allowed inside the Walk-In test centre. If you want to take your dog along, please make an advance appointment at the Drive-In test centre.

Frequently asked questions-HOW?

One online registration PER PERSON is required for the rapid test centres – every person to be tested has to have their own QR code! In addition, an appointment must be made in advance.

Yes, you need an advance appointment. You can register for an appointment via our website or by calling 1450 by phone. Please remember that you also need one registration PER PERSON to be tested, so that every person to be tested will have their own QR code.

Yes, every person must be registered separately and is then given a QR code. However, an appointment for several persons living in a family can be made by one person, who only has to state how many persons will arrive together to undergo the test.

To reserve a time slot, please call 1450 by phone and make an appointment. If you cannot register in advance, for example because you have no access to the Internet, we will assist you on-site – however, this may mean that you have to wait for some time. When you have undergone the test and if the result is negative, you will receive a printout of the test result. This result is valid for 24 hours.

There are two possibilities at Austria Center Vienna to undergo a test:

  • For persons without symptoms arriving by public transport or on foot, there are several test lines inside a hall. To undergo a test here, you need to register and make an appointment in advance.
  • For persons with (or without) symptoms and people with restricted mobility arriving by car, 4 test lines are available in the multi-storey car park (attention: the maximum vehicle height is 2m!). This, too, requires registration and an appointment in advance.

The address for both areas of the test centre is: Bruno-Kreisky-Platz 1, 1220 Vienna.

No, the test is free of charge.

Yes, during the advance online registration for the test, you must state your name, social security number, contact address, email address, gender, age and mobile phone number (so we can send you your test result). Moreover, you must make an appointment in advance for the test.

The time elapsed from the swab taken by health professionals until a result is available is around 15 minutes. If there are many people waiting to be tested, the time required may be longer because of the queues.

The test result is evaluated at the last station of the rapid test line. In case of a negative test result, you will receive a confirmation via text message. This negative test result is valid for 24 hours.

In this case, qualified health professionals will request you to immediately undergo an additional PCR test (gold standard). Following the PCR test, you will be interviewed on behalf of the health authority and then given an official notification. Then you must directly return to your home for self-quarantine. In exceptional cases, the results of the PCR test and the antigen test may differ; in this case, the result of the PCR test is considered decisive for the quarantine period. For this reason, you will receive the relevant information subsequently by mail.

For more information, please visit

There are two possibilities: either by public transport (U1 underground station “Kaisermühlen/VIC”) and then crossing the forecourt on foot to reach the hall or by car to the multi-storey car park of Austria Center Vienna.

You need to bring along the QR code, the confirmation of your appointment made in advance, a face mask, a photo ID (e.g. passport, e-card with photo, etc.) and, possibly, also a mobile phone to add registration data on-site.

Generally, the rapid test is carried out by taking a swab from your nose. If this is not possible for you, you can use another test line to undergo a gargle test.

Yes, the QR code works for all test lines.

We use the SIEMENS Healthineers, Clinitest COVID-19 Ag Rapid Test. Please consult the manufacturer’s website regarding detailed information about the test.

Frequently asked questions-WHEN & WHAT FOR?

Yes. Visits to test centres are not affected by the curfew because they count as necessary to cover basic everyday needs.

The possibility to undergo a rapid test will probably be offered throughout the winter season.

The rapid tests are organised and carried out by the City of Vienna in co-operation with Arbeiter Samariter Bund (Workers’ Samaritan Foundation). Austria Center Vienna provides the required spaces, test line logistics and its experience with the rapid-test pilot project conducted in autumn.

This is possible from the 5th day after (re-)entering Austria at the earliest and requires a negative antigen test or a negative PCR test.

This depends on the country you are entering. The Federal Ministry of European and International Affairs has detailed information about these requirements with respect to the different countries - please visit for further information.

A high number of participants makes sense because even asymptomatic persons may, in some cases, be contagious. By testing many people, chains of infection can be broken.

More information-Any question?

If you have any questions about Covid-19 or need information about the rapid testing services provided by the City of Vienna, please call the health hotline at 1450. We kindly ask for your understanding that we CANNOT provide any INFORMATION via [email protected] about reservations or other information about the rapid testing services provided by the City of Vienna.
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